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Your source for practical ideas to improve the management of innovation. Learn from the experience of highly-innovative, idea-intensive, companies? Real companies. Real practices.

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Understand the culture for innovation in your own organization. Use the survey start the process. Register your opinion and receive your own customized report and score! Modify at will. Helps focus ideas and solutions!


Reports identify policies, management practices and ideas in use by idea-intensive, highly-successful companies.

GE under Flannery. Striking new initiatives. Cash is king! Innovation?

15 questions you should ask before making changes to your management of innovation. Helps focus improvement efforts!

From start-up to mature organizations, best practices in the management of innovation require different emphasis by stage of development.

McKinsey underplays the role of ‘a supporting culture’. CIO believes it is an essential element and not just ‘underlying’. Making sense of corporate culture.

Delegation is an indicator of the potential for improving innovation.

New series! ‘Thinking about’ factors impacting innovation management; delegation, profit goals, rewards, etc. Go to ‘Ideas’

Measuring, culture and the progress of innovation. Its in the numbers!

Attitudes to risk. Canadians versus Americans. Who is more risk averse?

A CEO Manifesto for managing innovation. Is this your CEO?

Innovation management practices. Find your starting point! Helps focus corrective action!

How 3M manages innovation (pptx download).