Richard Blayden

Richard Blayden is a professional engineer with over 30 years international experience in guiding business improvement activities in capital intensive industries. Download his paper on collaboration Enabling Improvement by unleashing the Power of Collaboration. He has a significant track-record (read his Reflections on Maintenance Past Present and Future) of successful innovation in methodologies, business processes and associated software tools together with expertise in the human aspects of facilitating organisational change to ensure successful implementation – Download Encouraging Differences and Discussion to Germinate New Ideas.  Now retired and working part-time, Richard was previously an Associate and Principal Consultant with Hatch Associates, Australia.

Joaquim Vila

Joaquim Vila, Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation at IESE Business School, University of Navarra, draws on a recent study by IESE and Capgemini to conclude that the existence of a formal process for steering and governing innovation is closely linked to the success of that innovation. Download Normalized Innovation JVila . In a second paper he presents his ideas on “Regenerating the family business for continued success, even in times of crisis”. The experience of Planas, a supplier of the construction industry in Spain, is presented. Access this interesting paper. Innovation to regenerate family businesses. Two recent papers; Normalizing innovation  and the second on how to Innovate in mature industries are must reads.

Peter Farwell

Peter Farwell, FCA, CFA. Peter has a B.A. (Maths and Physics) from the University of Toronto, and for one year studied philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Peter’s work experience includes being a Partner of the Public Accounting firm of Ernst & Young (formerly, Clarkson Gordon) from 1970 to formal retirement in 1998. During that time Peter managed the Toronto Tax practice for six years, managed a group serving entrepreneurs, to help them build businesses, for three years and was the leader of the firm’s Canadian services to technology companies for twelve years. Peter Farwell’s Resume. Check out Peter’s comments on IBM’s survival prospects!

Eric Bartsch

Eric Bartsch, founder of Chanute Consulting Group, has a long track record of business leadership and innovation. He spent ten years in executive roles leading business growth, product development, and innovation. His background includes experience at leading consumer products companies including Procter & Gamble and Newell Rubbermaid. At Horizon Hobby, he held roles encompassing both Product Development and General Management, leading his division through a period of significant sales growth during a global economic recession. Eric holds nineteen patents with many more issued to the teams he has led. In addition to forming CCG, he is now working with the University of Illinois to build the next generation of innovation leaders. Link to Eric’s web site:

Dr. Antonio Arcienaga

Dr. Antonio Arcienaga, National University of Lomas de Zamora, Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Management and, Lic. Conrado Gonzales, Foro do Ciencia y Technologia para la Produccion co-authored, with Paul White, the paper on Argentina’s innovative capacity. Download Argentina Arriving]. 


Easycrit, one of our partners, headed by Bernat Recasens Vert, Girona, Spain, offers a comprehensive approach to idea management.  The software has gained traction in Europe (ROCHE, Danone and Zurich are examples of users). The software is built using Windows Azure (Microsoft) and is, because of its flexibility, especially suitable for SMEs. For more information, go to Idea management software or, if you are in Canada or the U.S., contact us at for a preliminary discussion.