Country comment

CIO explores developments in innovation in a number of countries and regions. Why are some geographies more innovative than others? What are good innovation management practices at a national or regional level?

Canada/U.S./Mexico. Re-thinking NAFTA and N.A.’s capacity for innovation. Collateral damage (jobs) is, and has been, the big unaddressed issue. NAFTA is a trilateral agreement where two parties are almost totally in sync but the third party, Mexico, is an outlier. Attitudes to risk. Canadians versus Americans. Who is more risk averse?

Mexico. Two perspectives on barriers to innovation; Mexican business leaders and the World Economic Forum. Similarities and differences. Barriers to innovation.

Sweden. Just established, the first ever celebration of ‘failure’. Museum of Failure is a collection of interesting innovation failures. The collection consists of over seventy failed products and services from around the world, providing unique insight into the risky business of innovation.

Portugal. A perspective on rankings. Download docx What to do?

Japan.Japan’s latest ranking by the World Economic Forum drops three places and will rank lower unless basic issues and practices are addressed. Comparing innovation management practices in the mid 1980 with today’s practices leads to ideas for new approaches. Japan thirty years on. (pptx). Pic; two generations.

Argentina. In the early 20th century, two countries were seen to have a brilliant economic future; Canada and Argentina. Update as of March, 2017. Not much has changed! Three authors, one from Canada and two from Argentina, set out their views on the troubling reasons for Argentina’s failure to live up to expectations. Download Argentina arriving.

Russia. Is Russia’s plan for a ‘New Silicon-Like Valley’ likely to succeed. Surely the whole notion of government involvement in making this happen is anathema to fostering innovation! Or is it? Download Russia’s Silicon Valley. For an update on this initiative go to Little progress according to an EBRD report. Not surprising!

India. Delegation needed in India’s manufacturing sector. India’s manufacturing sector – Modi’s challenge . India’s time has come! The world’s fastest growing democracy.

Scotland. A great demonstration of collaboration between the private sector and a university; one of the major contributors to innovation. download University-industry collaboration.