Company research

The following research reports offer insight into the policies and management practices of these mostly-successful companies.

Apple versus RIM (PDF)

We have researched both Apple (under Jobs) and RIM (under Lazaridis and Balsillie) and identify important management practices relating to innovation which go a long way to explain why Apple was so successful during this period and why RIM’s business declined dramatically.

Uber core values (PDF)

Uber’s core values need updating.

Rolls Royce (PDF)

Rolls Royce announces initiatives to lessen bureaucracy and restore financial performance. Tinkering with research and development presents challenges.

Koch Industries Ltd. (PDF)

We offer insight into this highly-private, successful, privately-held company. Koch’s policies and management practices are closely aligned with our research findings into how companies manage to sustain innovation over decades.

Consulting engineering firms; WSP and others (PDF)

Recent aggressive acquisitions by Canadian-headquartered firms should lead to export opportunities! With the completion of several major acquisitions over the last two years, Stantec and WSP Global along with the longer-established firm SNC, Canada has three sizable engineering and architectural firms that are of a size to compete on a global scale. But are they able to compete with other international firms?


Nucor (PDF)

Ken Iverson is given credit for getting Nucor off  the ground. He had a distinct management philosophy, dramatically different for the steel industry at the time, which established management practices that proved hugely successful. The focus of this Profile is on Iversons’ leadership and practices. Nucor was the largest steel company in the U.S.

Massey-Ferguson Ltd. (PDF)

Once Canada’s largest industrial enterprise with a global business and 68,000 employees, is now only a brand name owned by an American company, AGCO. M-F was a successful company. We often can learn more from mistakes than from our successes! What role did innovation, or the lack of innovativeness, play in the company’s demise? Three ex-employees of the company provide their insight into this failure.

Glencore (PDF)

Recent moves at this commodity trading/operating company presage the emergence of one of the largest mining companies in the world. The integration also represents one of the largest clash of cultures which has occurred in recent years in the corporate world.