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Climate for innovation; highlights and new!

Industry analysis

Data from the online survey

  • Registrants to the online survey from Canada and the U.S.A. are mostly aligned in their opinion on the management practices which create a great climate for innovation.
  • Measuring, the climate for innovation. Its in the numbers!   
  • Forty seven (47%) percent of registrants to the on-line survey state that their organization’s innovation is increasing! Try the survey and join the crowd!
  • Gender issues.  Male versus female opinionDelegation is equally important to both.
  • Registrants validate CIO’s rating of 3M. 

NEW!! AI and its impact on Jobs. April, 2020.







Managing innovation

A tribute, courtesy the Globe and Mail, to Clayton Christensen

Amazon’s secret sauce! Not so secret anymore

Book takeaways; 
Detontate, by Tuff, Goldbach.     How Google Works by Schmidt, Rosenberg, Eagle.     Leonardo da Vinci, by Isaacson.  
The Everything Store by Stone.