Welcome to CIO – corporateinnovationonline.com.

We have researched a number of highly-innovative companies in order to identify policies and management practices which foster innovation in a corporate setting. Best management practices are identified in a framework which viewers can apply to their own organization. Best practices based on real companies; real practices which work.

Our list of researched companies includes both large organizations as well as SMEs. Innovation in not-for-profit organizations is also included.

The on-line survey can be used as a research tool for individuals or groups wishing to understand more about their own approach to managing innovation. The notion is that by being able to profile ones’ own corporate culture through the use of the on-line survey, one has a better idea of the areas where the corporate culture may fall short and corrective action can be more focused.

You can also let us know your opinion on any management practices, policies, procedures, which you believe contribute to or detract from corporate innovativeness.