The Economist first published a  piece on Koch in June, 2014 entitled ‘Dissecting the Kochtopus’; the second largest private company in the U.S. The most recent Schumpeter article speaks to the participation of Charles Koch and his brother David in a ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ to inculcate right-wing thinking in America. More revelations were set out in Jane Mayer’s recent book.

In June 2014 CIO published a mini-profile of Koch and gave the company high marks for having good innovation management practices. Evidently Charles Koch is really interested in ‘ideas’ and his trademarked MBM sets out ten principles which align with CIO’s best practices. CIO was not looking for right-wing ideas, just good solid best practices. More interesting is that Koch states that MBM acts a glue for the organization, and that “decision rights” should be granted – i.e. delegated to those deserving more responsibility. These two statements bring to the fore a recent paper  on the pervasiveness of ‘delegation’ to innovation and also to a note on a McKinsey paper which, CIO believes, downplays the importance of ‘a supportive culture’; just like the ‘glue‘.