Innovative companies researched by CIO

CIO has researched three of the best rated companies on the Forbes/Fortune lists; 3M, GE, and P&G. For a better understanding of the reasons why these three companies remain, over decades, the best innovators in the world, access the ‘Publications’ tab on this site.

For the complete list of companies which we have researched or where research is underway, download Companies researched . The research provides insight into  leadership and management practices which contribute to their long-term innovativeness.

Google, with its relatively unique set of management practices combining both traditional and ‘modern’ practices, deserves mention!

Nominate your own candidate! Let us know which company should be added to the list and, in your view, those policies and management practices which contribute to innovation. We will be pleased to participate in the research of any candidate!d

Newly added

Renishaw; U.K. baseda world-leading metrology (measurement and calibration systems) company.  Revenue – 536.8 million pounds, 15% of revenue spent on research and development,  95% of sales are outside the U.K., 4530 people. Highly diversified. Mainly organic growth but strategic acquisitions (Ace Engineering Inc., R&R, itb GmbH) add to technology and growth. Listed on the LSE as RSW in November of 1984.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, employing 9,500 people world-wide, has had innovation at its core since its inception 60 years ago. From the beginning, Gore has worked to keep an entrepreneurial spirit by focusing on keeping business units small in terms of people. Gore, set the number at 150 persons. Turnover is low. An Innovation Center is a hub ‘ for ideation and prototyping.