Research (3M et al)


3M - MMM - $12.00 - nominated for best innovation management practices

A highly-diversified, idea-intensive company, which has the best combination of policies and management practices encouraging innovation. How 3M manages innovation. Under Thulin, 3M is back on track.
An IM report. 39 pages.



Starbucks - SBUX - $1.00 - controlled innovation at its best

Follow the innovation management policies and practices in use since 2008. Innovation history since founding in 1971. With Schultz stepping down officially on April 3, 2017, will innovation continue to be a major priority for Johnson?
An IM report. 32 pages.



Deere & Company - DE - $5.50 - solid management of innovation

DE, established in 1837 as John Deere, continues to dominate the agricultural equipment sector globally and, particularly over the last decade, has reinforced its commitment to innovation by strengthening its approach to both people and financial management.
An IM report. 31 pages.



General Electric - GE - $2.50 - back to its root culture

GE ‘s restructuring  is almost complete. With mostly a great culture and effective management practices in place, the immediate challenge is to improve financial returns. Innovation, decentralization and ‘simplicity’ are keys to success.
An IM report. 45 pages.

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Procter & Gamble - PG - $3.00 - to early to see results

Taylor’s strategic changes are great but management needs to address bureaucracy and impact the traditionally insular structure. ‘Simplicity’ is part of the plan.
An IM report. 51 pages.



Amazon - AMZN - $5.50 - The secret sauce

Amazon – The secret sauce! Many ingredients! A comparison with 3M. CIO’s innovation management score card .
An IM report. 21 pages.



DSM Mini profile - $2.50 - transformation initiatives

DSM, a Netherlands-based company, has transformed itself at least eight times since 1908 using a variety of creative management initiatives. 16 pages.


Each IM report (innovation management) addresses the question; how did the company build and sustain innovation. Reports offer insights and ideas into the management of innovation. Background to CIO’s IM reports.

A great source of ideas for students of management organized so the CEO or analyst can apply best practices to their own organization.

Try the IM report on Starbucks for a buck (1$) to understand the structure of each IM report.

Mini-profiles (MP) explore innovation management best and worst practices.

Based on researching over 40 companies. Companies researched. 25 Factors have been identified as impacting entrepreneurship and innovation


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