The following reports offer insight into the policies and management practices of these mostly-successful companies.

Google's management of innovation (PDF)

Google has adopted and adapted both old and new approaches to their management of innovation. 2 pages.

Samsung Electronics (PDF)

According to recent reports, Samsung needs to update its business practices. Is it time to innovate management practices? CIO provides some ideas! June 11, 2020. 9 pages.

Uber core values (PDF)

Uber’s core values need updating. CIO compares Uber with four highly-innovative, idea-intensive companies; September, 2017. 2 pages.

Koch Industries Ltd. (PDF)

We offer insight into this highly-private, successful, privately-held company. Koch’s policies and management practices are closely aligned with our research findings into how companies manage to sustain innovation over decades.May, 2015. 10 pages.

GE, post Immelt. Compare to 3M (PDF). Also GE update

CIO identifies the innovation management practices which GE might change in order to improve its lackluster financial performance of the past decade. Immelt’s restructuring should set the stage for improvement but better practices are needed. Could Google’s practices act as a model? June, 2017. 9 pages.

Apple versus RIM (PDF)

CIO has researched both Apple (under Jobs) and RIM (under Lazaridis and Balsillie) and identified the important management practices relating to innovation which go a long way to explain why Apple was so successful during this period and why RIM’s business declined dramatically. September, 2012. 14 pages.

Rolls Royce (PDF)

Rolls Royce announces initiatives to lessen bureaucracy and restore financial performance. Tinkering with research and development presents challenges.December, 2015. 14 pages.

Massey-Ferguson Ltd. (PDF)

Once Canada’s largest industrial enterprise with a global business and 68,000 employees, is now only a brand name owned by an American company, AGCO. M-F was a successful company. One can learn more from mistakes than from successes! What role did innovation, or the lack of innovativeness, play in the company’s demise? Three ex-employees of the company provide their insight into this failure. 20 pages.

Nucor (PDF)

Ken Iverson is given credit for getting Nucor off  the ground. He had a distinct management philosophy, dramatically different for the steel industry at the time, which established management practices that proved hugely successful. The focus of this Profile is on Iversons’ leadership and practices. Nucor was the largest steel company in the U.S. 2009. 24 pages.

IBM - Can it survive? (PDF)

A classic case of not adjusting swiftly enough to market changes. Are there lessons to be learned? April 2016. Peter Farwell, a partner in CIO, provides his insights!